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 Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver vs Taylormade R11, which is better?

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PostSubject: Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver vs Taylormade R11, which is better?   Tue Sep 20, 2011 1:02 am

You have to define "better". If you mean, "which one hits it further", they're both the same. Where they differ is, the Callaway (supposedly) has a "lower and deeper" center of gravity location... which, if you believe their rhetoric, it should be so low and deep that it's outside the club by now. It isn't that important, and can be effected by the build of the club. It may "feel" better, but it can just as easily feel worse... it's a personal thing. The R11 Driver can be adjusted, but that's not that important, either, in the grand scheme of things. If you're a tinkerer (and know what you're doing) it can be fun; if you're getting fit by a professional, once s/he sets it in, you really shouldn't mess with it... if you someday become good enough to get on Tour, or at least become as consistent as the top 1% of the golfing population, then maybe think about adjusting it.

Golf clubs companies have to make you think what you're buying is somehow "better'. They're in the business of selling clubs Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver, not doing us favors. It's why Callaway will put their club up against Taylormade, but not the carbon-crowned models of previous years. It's why Taylormade tries to make you think a white crown/black face will somehow cure your alignment ills, even though it's just an r9 with a different paint scheme and a useless bumper-thing.

They're both close to being maxed out, according to the USGA and R&A. The TaylorMade R11 Driver is 430cc (max is 460), but there isn't much difference in 30cc's. If they both have the same loft, face angle, shaft, grip, build, etc., they'll perform the same. They may sound different, and there may be a little difference if done on a launch monitor (but we don't golf in launch monitors, do we?), but fundamentally, they'll do the same thing.

So, it comes down to you: which one do YOU like to look at? Which one sounds best to YOU (by the way: sound will be effected by what ball you play... if you test both clubs, RAZR Hawk Driver use the same ball for fairness' sake). If you're properly fitted, you'll get all you're going to get out of either club; that's why it comes down to preferences.

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Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver vs Taylormade R11, which is better?
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